Areej Anti Theft technology can be coupled with CCTV and Point of Sales (POS) security solutions to provide a one stop shop security package for retail outlets globally. Products are tagged with theft identification tags that are linked to all exits within the store. Should a theft attempt be made, the perpetrator will be identified via the CCTV footage that can be handed over to the authorities for redemption. Anti-theft technology is useful at large establishments such as supermarkets, duty free at airports and shopping malls. Our technology can also be used in a bespoke manner at product launches and events such as fashion shoes, preventing employees from stealing high value items. Given luxury products are widely available in the Middle East, we can custom make ant-theft solutions for the protection of jewellery, pens and other high value consumables. Should you require this service, please do not hesitate to contact the Areej Group to meet with one of our product developers.