1. In accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement the Contractor agrees to service and/or repair the Equipment of the Customer which are listed in Schedule ‘A’ as INDICATED
  2. The Customer shall pay to the Contractor yearly premium as specified in Schedule ‘A’ in consideration of services to be rendered.
  3. The duration of this agreement shall commence as mentioned in Schedule ‘A’ subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement. This agreement shall be renewed from year to year unless terminated under the Termination clauses stated hereafter.
  4. On request, the Contractor will complete at the earliest all repairs and maintenance to the Equipment that may be required as a result of its normal usage, free of charge, as long as this CONTRACT stays in force.
    The Contractor will have full and free access to the Equipment during the Customer’s normal working hours or at reasonable times to provide service thereon.
    If the Customer fails to allow the Contractor or its EMPLOYEES to carry out necessary servicing, the service would be considered as rendered.
  5. Adjustments or replacements of parts to equipment which is due to the Customer or its EMPLOYEES neglect improper power supply (up to machine input) or abuse in using the equipment would be charged. Equipment damaged by fire, Dust, water or other acts of god will not be covered under this Agreement.
    All breakdown calls will be attended and resolved within 24hrs during Contractor’s official working hours as specified in the Schedule ‘A’, If the customer requests service outside Contractor’s normal business hours, such service, if available, will be provided on a per call basis at the contractor’s hourly rates and terms then in effect, which is currently Dhs.350/- per hour.
  6. The Contractor’s responsibility ceases if the Equipment is repaired or interfered by any person other than our authorized technician/Engineer.
  7. All spare parts except the printer Print heads, Belt, consumables and media products will be supplied free of cost as and when required. All the spare parts removed from the Equipment after replacement shall be taken over by Contractor for reconditioning or repairing wherever feasible and remain the property of the Contractor.
  8. This Agreement would automatically expire if the Equipment is assigned or transferred to another party or to a location outside our normal service area.
  9. If either party to this CONTRACT fails to pay any charges when due hereunder or violates or fails to perform any other terms or conditions of this Agreement and such failure or violation continues for a period of 10 days without notification, after written notice has been served by one to the other this shall constitute a default and the Agreement may be terminated. In this event no refund of payment will be made.
  10. In case either party wants to terminate the Agreement, for the first quarter the same cannot be done, it may be terminated at any time, by either party serving to the other not less than 30 days notice in writing of its intension to terminate without refund of premium already paid. However, if the contractor terminates the agreement, a refund of payment strictly on a pro-rata basis will be made.
  11. The Contractor will maintain an adequate and comprehensive stock of spare parts, but will not be responsible for failure to render services under this CONTRACT due to ‘Force Majeure’ conditions: likewise, if the Customer becomes temporarily unable wholly or partly to meet his duties and obligations, bearing that of payment of monies due then such duties or obligations shall not be a ground of termination or default and shall be suspended until the causes of “Force Majeure” comes to an end. Either party subject to “Force Majeure” conditions should notify the other in writing specifying the causes, which rendered performance impossible.
  12. The Customer agrees that the Contractor will not be liable for any loss of PROFIT, consequential damages or any claim or demand against the customer by any other party, even if the Contractor has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
  13. The equipment/s specified in the Schedule ‘A’ shall be in fully working condition at the time of signing the CONTRACT. Resolving any existing problems/malfunction of the equipment/s shall be treated as outside the scope of this contract.
  14. No modification of this agreement will be permitted without the mutual written consent of both the parties.
  15. Any notice required to be given under this agreement shall be deemed to have been duly given to the Contractor if sent by REGISTERED post to POBOX: 18406, JAFZA, Dubai, U.A.E. and is sent to the Customer by REGISTERED post to the last known address of the customer.
  16. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates and constitutes the entire Agreement and undertaking between Contractor and Customer concerning the subject matter hereof.
  17. IT staff from the customer side should be available on site for simple advice, changing ribbons and reboot printers
  18. Hot Line services will be provided during the duration timing mention on Schedule ‘A’


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